Building Brighter Futures

Building Brighter Futures

Join our Monthly Giving Circle for Young Adults with Autism

Donating $5 a month, is one cup of coffee at Starbucks.

Donating $10 a month, is less than a Netflix subscription.

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Approximately 40 percent of young adults with autism spend minimal to no time interacting with friends, highlighting the urgent need for greater support TODAY.

Our Young Adult Connection program is designed for young adults with autism to make new friends while working on social, life and soft job skills. Our goal for the cost of the program is to be minimal to the individuals and their family members. We want all young adults with autism to participate and not have to worry about funding. This would not be possible without generous donors like you.

April is Autism Acceptance Month, you can show your direct support to help us achieve our goal of $5,000. One easy way to show your support is with automatic monthly donations. Recurring monthly donations allows Autism Community Connection to have a steady and reliable stream of funds to support our Young Adult Connection program. Check out the possibilities below:

Research from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention paints a stark picture of the challenges facing young adults with autism. A significant portion of individuals with autism are unemployed or under-employed, with few prospects for educational advancement beyond high school. Compounding this issue is the isolating reality that the majority of young adults with autism continue to reside with immediate family, their social circles limited and opportunities for community engagement scarce.

Get involved to improve the quality of life

for our Young Adult Connection Group Members by making a

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